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LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Therapy

 A Safe and Natural LED Skin Rejuvenation

Backed by scientific research and clinically proven, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Skin Rejuvenation, the science of light therapy shows that every colour in the broad spectrum of white light has its own frequency and vibration, each stimulating a different healing response from the body.  LED light therapy regenerates skin tissue and boosts collagen production, making the skin appear more youthful and vibrant. This gives dermal clinicians’ direct access to a medically proven technology, currently used in hospitals and medical centres, for their clients. 

LED Skin Rejuvenation Light Therapy is a natural, safe, and pain-free non-invasive treatment that works at a cellular level in the human tissue, increasing cell energy or ATP. This increased ATP stimulates the body's own natural processes (skin cellular activities and functions) to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Similar to plants needing light to grow, this leads to a photo response making the cells ‘think’, ‘communicate’ and ‘act’ younger, resulting in collagen synthesis and tissue healing.   

LED Skin Rejuvenation Treatment ($100) delivers through:
Red Light - Stimulates production of collagen and elastin, reducing      
     lines and wrinkles for a softer, smoother, youthful skin
Blue Light - Eliminates acne causing P.acne bacteria, reducing acne
Yellow Light - Alleviates inflammation, redness, sunburn, rosacea
Green Light - Reduces pigmentation, evens skin tone, calms skin
Cyan Light - Reduces the size of swollen capillaries
Orange - Promotes a glow for a more radiant skin


LED Revive Skin Rejuvenation ($120) delivers through:                                                        
Infra-red light combined with the above colours penetrates deeper into the skin for a boosted and amplified skin re-building treatment, allowing 
Increased cellular nutrient intake
Increased blood circulation, therefore increasing oxygenation
Enhanced lymphatic drainage accelerating toxin removal
Reduced pain and inflammation, inducing healing and regeneration

What can LED Skin Rejuvenation treat?
Ageing / Lines / Wrinkles /Sun Damage
Acne / Scars / Stretch Marks            
Hyper-pigmentation / Sunspots 
Uneven Skin Tone /Texture/Open Pores
Dull / Dry / Life-Less Skin Wounds
Thin / Fine / Dehydrated / Oily Skins
Psoriasis / Eczema / Dermatitis
Inflammation /Post Surgery/Wounds
Psoriasis / Eczema / Dermatitis
Reactive / Sensitive / Impaired Skins
Rosacea / Redness / Sunburn

LED Skin Rejuvenation benefits include:-
Gentle rejuvenation for a brighter, radiant and youthful looking skin
Reduces photo ageing, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots
Nourishes the skin increasing hydration and moisture retention
Evens out skin texture, tone and reduces pore size
Reduces inflammation, redness and erythema in skin
Enhances fluid and waste removal via increased lymphatic drainage 
Rejuvenates cells, helping in wound healing and scar prevention
Treats acne by eradicating P. acne bacteria
Soothing, calming and healing all skin types and conditions
Treats Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Rosacea

How it works and why our skin ages?
As we get older the cells that manufacture the skins supportive structures begin to slow down, decreasing Collagen and Hyaluronic acid (HA) within the skin. At the age of 40 the HA content in the skin decreases by half and by age 60 only 10% of HA,  lead to decrease in skin’s volume and elasticity, hence the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. environmental damage from UV rays speeds up this process, produce free radicals that damage the skin and the collagen and elastin producing cells,  where these  components’ loss make the skin susceptible to damage and wrinkling. LED skin rejuvenation stimulates  collagen synthesis which reduce lines and wrinkles, open pores, improves skin tone as well as restore skin  hydration, strength and resiliency resulting in firmed, rejuvenated, even toned and textured youthful looking skin.

LED Skin Rejuvenation safe and who can have this treatment? 
It is a totally safe and natural treatment that delivers skin healing and re-building benefits. Although light therapy has been used in hospital dermatology and oncology departments for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, without  any repercussions, hazards or complications, it is an area of concern for skins' prone to photosensitivity,  or for anyone suffering from epilepsy, porphyria or during pregnancy. 

Is the light hot and what happens during the treatment? 
After cleansing the skin, your eyes are covered with safety eye wear. The LED light is placed very close to the face allowing a more concentrated delivery of light energy within the skin, reminding you of being bathed in warm sunlight while you lay relaxing on the couch. Zero downtime allows you to get straight back into your normal routine.

What results will I see and when?

Skin appears clearer, brighter and a smoother sometimes even after the first treatment. The results are mainly dependent on individual skin type, its current condition, home care, lifestyle and environmental factors. Your complexion will look more vibrant and fresher with the increased blood flow, tissue oxygenation and increased cellular ATP. After the course of treatments as your skin’s tone, clarity, texture and hydration noticeably improve; your skin feels softer, smoother, firmer and tighter with reduced pore size.  

How many treatments will I need and how long will the results last?   
LED skin rejuvenation can be had as a single “pick-me-up” session or as a series of 10-12 treatments for optimal results, depending on individual skin condition, with 2-3 treatments a week. Since LED stimulates natural cellular processes that repair and regenerate the skin, the results continue to improve for up to 4-6 months after a series of treatments. To maintain the result after your treatment series, a top-up treatment every 4-6 weeks is recommended, which may be added to other modalities.

For Optimum Results:
To fortify  the hyaluronic acid within the skin for the hydration and the plump effect, a hyaluronic mask infusion is highly recommended as the combination optimises the effect of LED light therapy with enhanced absorption of the active ingredients into the skin.
As LED Skin Rejuvenation stimulates the skin at the cellular level it not only delivers as a stand-alone treatment but at Renajo Skin Clinic we combine it with other complementary modalities and professional active products.LED delivers enhanced, complementary and optimum skin re-building result when had in conjunction with  Peels, Dermapen Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion, ENAR Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, Oxygen Facial, RF Skin Tightening, Non-surgical Microcurrent Face Lift treatments, IPL Photo Facials, Skin Infusions and Mask treatments that work in other ways resulting as a super booster skin restoration where the results are second to none!

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